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Visé ➝ Hergenrath

Crossing borders in the Pays de Herve and Voerstreek

  • Trip summary
      πŸ₯Ύ Hiking
      πŸ“… 3 days
      πŸ€— Intermediate
  • Total distance
    ✨ 60.1 km
  • Stays
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The fact that you’ll speak 3 different languages in just 3 days is already an experience by itself. I also love the endless views on the surroundings you get on top of the hills!

Trip curated by Dries

Why this trip

  • Easy train connections from Brussels

  • Crossing the different regions makes you wonder β€˜what language is it here?’

  • Fun for your legs: it goes nicely up and down

  • Great combination of more open landscapes with forests

Overview of the trip

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